A word from the director

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ

I, Rosemary Nakiganda, represent St. Athanasius Foundation and would like to inform you the speed at which our foundation is growing.  Ever since our inception 8 years ago, we have been able to make a positive change in the lives of the Orphans, imparting them the basic Primary education which we believe is the right of every single child. The speed of our growth means that our existing facility is now insufficient to accommodate the children on our roll and hence we are looking to build an extension to our existing center.We have plans to start construction next month by donating you will be helping us build this extension you will be helping the kids in such a big way! Being a Christian yourself, I’m sure you will understand the importance of giving our children a good grounding in our beliefs about Christ and the Lord, and this is what our church’s main goal is! We want to teach the children in the best way possible and help them to develop into strong and honest Catholic Christian adults. To this end, we are looking to raise $2993 which will fund the construction of our center. So far $203 dollars has been raised.

We would be ever so grateful if you would donate an amount between $50, 100, 150, 250. You can send it by a registered mail or directly to the school account.BANK OF AFRICA LTD