A word from the director

Greetings in the Most exalted name of our lord Jesus Christ and I thank the almighty God for protecting you up to this day many people have passed on due to this Corona Pandemic. And we continue to seek His protection

We have never faced hunger emergency like this, the Children already in our care live in extreme poverty corona virus lock down have caused our children to go hungry. We need to survive, that means not eating much but to survive, life has become very hard and we are urgently seeking your support to enable us save these children.

Hunger is a more immediate threat than the virus we beg you kindly to rescue us.This is a trying time for everybody. We are appealing to you to stand with us in this hard time.We are appealing for any possible donation to buy Beans, rice, maize flour, wheat flour, powdered milk and sugar to survive. In times of need every bit of help counts, we ask that you stand with us in this hard time